Homesick Projections

Summer 2016–onward

Roadside projections of where people are feeling homesick. (The locations are found automatically through social networks.) Projected on a road trip from my hometown in Scranton, Pennsylvania to locations around the country. (More info and photos soon)

Berk's Tunnel


A short animation featuring audio recordings of my friend. The frames were rotoscoped with ink and glow-in-the-dark paint, then photographed on a light table. Click here to watch



A simple website where a person types in their name and their phone whispers it back to them. The whisper is my own voice and hundreds of names have been recorded. A pulsating red light flashes across the phone screen while a script runs to keep the phone awake until it dies or the website is closed. I had a demo in class where everyone's phones were placed in plastic bags hanging from the walls and it looked very nice and embryonic in the dark. I hope to tweak this and use this with large groups of people in the future.